The Fattest Man in Egypt

August 8, 2015News

The Fattest Man in Egypt

August 8, 2015

“Mohammed El-Didamouney”

Mohammed’s story started with a back injury confined him in bed for a year, during which he gained immense weight that gradually kept him in bed for 7 more. He reached the weight of 450Kg, and was completely paralyzed before he decided to go on TV seeking medical help to treat his condition.

First call for help

We decided to step up, putting all our medical knowledge and nursing expertise at the hands of Didamouney in response to his call. After conducting necessary special preparation to receive the case safely and efficiently, he was moved to our premises at 6th of October to undergo a very challenging Sleeve Gastrectomy surgery that could possibly save the rest of his life. The whole operation, pre and post care were conducted on compassionate basis.

Mohammed being received at Al-Safwa hospital

Didamouney and his family were hosted for a whole month at Al-Safwa to prepare him for the surgery through nutrition and overall health management, then for  another month to follow up after the surgery. 9 doctors from different specializations supervised his case, and ensured impressive success without any complications. Afterwards he was moved to a specialized rehabilitation hospital to regain muscle strength and body function.


Report about the surgery


The operation was by all means successful, but the true success we are seeking is seeing Didamouney enjoying his normal, healthy life once again. Thus, we followed up with him this month, 2 years post-surgery to find out about “real results”. We were delighted to find him leading a healthy life and maintaining  normal weight. Although “the fattest man in Egypt” was a nickname he gained by accident, “the most hopeful and determined man in Egypt” is another one Didamouney deserved with his faith and patience.



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